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The developments in the media landscape always went fast, that is the job, but lately it has been very fast, with new possibilities, new formats, new distribution and new use. And with corresponding changes and developments in the rules of the game. ABC Legal does not only keep up, but is at the forefront of developments. We know what is going on and what is expected soon. We advise clients on a daily basis within the media industry, print media, television, film and online and social media. Preferably we do not just do your chapter ‘legal’, but we take an integral look at your project or process, in order to map out and tackle all (legal) opportunities and threats.



ABC Legal guides well-known global citizens and organizations in life in the public eye. We support creatives in the business field, for example in the field of cashing in popularity, privacy, contact and contract. ABC Legal works for musicians and journalists, TV presenters and theater makers, DJs and models. In doing so, we sometimes take a very modest role, but if desired we can also work with a range of services. A tip: do not wait with us until something needs to be repaired, let’s map the do’s and don’ts in advance.


From format to jingle, magazine to brand name, software to fashion and from commercial to artistic: the goodwill and property rights are vulnerable for all content that is available online or offline. But content is well protected, with the laws of intellectual and industrial property, such as copyright, trade name law, trademark law, neighboring law and design law. Especially important in content distribution are the agreements that are made in advance about the exploitation. If something goes wrong in the area of ​​goodwill and intellectual property, we are happy to assist you. But we would rather accompany you with the contract agreements that prevent this from happening.



Every industry is now a tech industry. The tech industry creates new connections between different industries in the areas of production, distribution and sales. But you cannot possibly be aware of all the ins & outs of the various aspects that you combine with the new possibilities. ABC Legal gladly complements your knowledge, for a 360 ° view, both in the field of technology-driven issues (supply contacts, service level contracts, privacy compliance, …) and in terms of the link with other industries. ABC guides you through the opportunities and threats you see and provides an overview of the opportunities and threats that you do not yet know.

Unlawful Press Publications

Are you or your company damaged in the media? ABC Legal is happy to assist you. Freedom of the press and freedom of expression are certainly not unlimited. From slander to portrait rights there are clear limits to what can be published, both by journalists and by other (online) sources. In the event of a violation, we start by asking whether it is wise to take legal action. Because no matter how impure a news item is, a legal reaction often has a reinforcing effect, with the possibility of more negative publicity. Both the short and the longer term (Google search) must be considered. ABC Legal identifies the opportunities for a ban, rectification or compensation and also looks at the broader consequences in the mass media and online.


Privacy is one of the most turbulent areas of legislation. The rules are getting tighter and regularly new laws are being introduced for companies and organizations. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult to oversee the consequences of using online tools and cloud storage on data traffic within an organization. A data breach soon arises, with possible impact on every area, from liability to the image of your organization, from industrial espionage to the privacy of your customers. It makes privacy issues a constant point of attention, for you and for us. Implementing the most up-to-date privacy legislation is familiar to us, ABC Legal is up-to-date and keeps you up-to-date. But we are also happy to be your partner when it comes to protecting your business data, proactively or with a specific privacy violation.


You can never be overdressed or overeducated. Especially if you are fashion lawyer. You will not only be judged on your outfit, but also on your knowledge of the law and the fashion business. ABC Legal lawyers know the fashion industry inside and out. Whether it concerns production and defects of products, agency relationships or the protection of design, trade names or brand names, our lawyers help labels protect and expand their goodwill.

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